Organic Gardening Workshop Series

with Ian Onley


sessions focused on practical learning and participation.

In these sessions you'll learn about how to create healthy soils, the foundation for healthy plants and healthy food. Each session will aim to be inclusive and informative to newcomers and regulars alike, and will strike a balance between hands-on learning and group discussion. 


What will be covered?



  • The role of soils in plant function
  • Water soluble fertilisers VS organic matter
  • Principles for plant health
  • Treating soils


  • Assessing site and season
  • Techniques for cultivating fertile soil
  • Raising seedlings
  • Managing weeds
  • You'll also learn ways you can take part in the Get Stuffed Food Network




Various locations including:

The VRI, 18-20 Queens Pde Traralgon



more info coming soon!


How Much?

more info coming soon!




About Ian Onley

Ian Onley  is a local 'Demeter' Biodynamic farmer for over twenty years, he has experience in dairying, beef and commercial vegetable growing. Ian now concentrates on free range egg production and home gardening.

Ian is excited to part of Get Stuffed because it has the potential to bring many to a place where they can support themselves and grow a food based business. He wants to help people breathe life back into their soils so they can grow beautiful tasting, nutritious food that will keep people coming back for more.