#Get Sunflowered

2014 - 2017

#Get Sunflowered project is a lesson in happy-making while exploring ways to address vacancy problems in the Latrobe Valley's rapidly changing regional economy.

Spaces across Latrobe City come to life when thousands of sunflowers bloom in summer. Each site will be transformed through a range of sunflower designs that will allow people to have different experiences, creating a happy and vibrant trail throughout our city.


Winner, Communities, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, 2016 AILA Awards Excellence

Winner, Community Action and Leadership (Population above 3,000) Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities Awards 2015,


Future Morwell

2015 - 2016

The Future Morwell Project is your opportunity to identify priorities, describe and celebrate the qualities of the city, address issues in the urban fabric, and ensure that resources are strategically leveraged and deployed.

The intention is to create a shared vision and plan of action that is: aspirational where it should be, and practical where it must be, respectful of the city’s history, community efforts, and new ideas, just and equitable in seeking to create benefits for all, transparent and inclusive of all voices participating to improve Morwell.



The Victorian Railways Institute (VRI) Hall is a community based project for the Traralgon Neighbourhood House’s & Digital Shed project and the Reactivate Latrobe Valley project. The aim is to give the local community a creative hub to learn, explore, and share new skills, knowledge, and activities.

The VRI is a venue for the community to come together to connect, share and learn. 


#Get Cheffed


Get Cheffed is the food event of the year, bringing together the very best of Gippsland in a very tasty immersive experience. We plan to bring local food icons to the stage to battle it out for ultimate food supremacy.

Together the community crowdfunded over $7000 to bring this event to the Latrobe Valley.


Spring Sustainability Festival &

Winter Night Festival

2013 - 2016

The ambition of the Festivals was to intensify town centres, strengthen local communities, support micro industries, and in turn begin to transform and ReBrand the region. The festivals see Latrobe Valley transformed with a series of site-specific artworks and performances, live music, food and design market stalls. The event were free and open to anyone, which allowed for various demographics to interact in the one setting.


50 Mile Farmers Market

subtitle or year

The 50 MILE Farmers Market is an event drawing local producers within a 50 mile radius, gathering and maintaining a local fresh food network. The market would occur every 1st Saturday at the VRI and every 2nd Saturday at Tarwin Street, Morwell.