ReActivate initiatives

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A world-class series of social impact masterclasses available to Gippsland’s emerging and existing business community, highly tailored to local opportunities and needs.


#GetCheffed was THE food event of the summer season. It brought together the very best of Gippsland in a very tasty immersive experience. 


The Latrobe Valley Festivals are a celebration of renewed visions for the future of the region. They are an opportunity to recognise the great things happening in Latrobe and to reconnect with their origins in local communities.

ReActivate Hub is a co-working space that aims to bring together the best and brightest of the community to share space, ideas, experiences and connections.


ReActivate Base is a Gippsland specific crowdfunding platform built in partnership with Pozible, helping to put the power back in the hands of the community.


The #Get Sunflowered project is a lesson in happy-making while exploring ways to address vacancy problems in the Latrobe Valley's rapidly changing regional economy.


Binary Shift is a digital innovation conference made by Gippsland, for Gippsland, presented annually as part of state-wide Digital Innovation Festival.


The 50 Mile Farmers Market is an event drawing local producers within a 50 mile radius, gathering and maintaining a local fresh food network.


Get Stuffed is about growing good food, good health and new local jobs. We want to build resilience and opportunity into the systems that keep us fed, healthy and happy.