Get Cheffed Cookbook

To support the concept of an annual Get Cheffed event for Gippsland, the ReActivate Latrobe Valley team would like to produce a cookbook and we want you to be involved. 

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The concept

Re-activate Latrobe Valley was started in 2011 when the RMIT Office of Urban Transformations Research (OUTR) commenced an innovative project in the Latrobe Valley region.
The research-led initiative was designed to look at best-practice strategies for supporting the area to transition away from a reliance on coal. It called upon some of the brightest minds across the country and implemented their ideas hand-in-hand with the local community.  They implemented 'Get Stuffed', which is about growing good food, good health and new local jobs. They want to support the local food economy so that resilience and opportunity are built into the systems that keep us fed, healthy and happy.

‘You are what you eat’. Given the long known connection between nutrition and the workings of the human body, it makes sense. But isn’t there more to it than that? What we ‘are’ seems to be a pretty important question in these times of transition, in a region which for so long was ‘the place that kept the lights on’. Now that the simple singular narrative of the ‘energy producer’ is beginning to fade, the void that is left gives us an unprecedented opportunity to rewrite our own story.’  

Four bright young folk who wanted to re-focus on the quality and uniqueness of Gippsland's fabulous produce came up with 'Get Cheffed'.  They were well aware, as most Gippslanders are, that the people who work in the food, wine and dairy industry have the richest region in which to create and develop their products.

Thus, with the intention of promoting these products, they developed the concept of 'Get Cheffed' on February 18, 2018.  It was a gorgeous setting, beside Kernot Lake in Morwell, in a beautiful white marquee.

During the morning, three chefs gave classes in cuisines in which they specialised. In the afternoon we staged 'Get Cheffed', in which four chefs competed in two thirty minute segments that were judged by two panels – one of professional chefs, the other drawn from the community.  The foods were sourced from local producers, and, whilst the competition was fairly light-hearted, the food produced was nothing short of brilliant. This led to the idea that we ought to share their delicious recipes.

Thus, moving forward from the inaugural event, we would like to make it an annual tradition. To support the concept, the team would like to produce a cookbook.  The book could be sold in the establishments of both producers and chefs, online, and in local Gippsland shops of all kinds.

Any chefs or producers who live in the Gippsland region are welcome to participate, preferably in pre-selected partnerships.  In order to join the fun, please submit an expression of interest at the top of this page.

Go on, get involved!

- Meg Viney-Bell

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