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Megan lansdown

From a young age I was always going to grow up and pursue cooking for a living, after finishing school at year eleven, to start an apprenticeship at a local pub. That dream was starting to become a reality.

Working at that local pub for the first two years of my apprenticeship before moving on to a café. From there I went and experienced a summer at the local pub of Queenscliff, if anything it showed me how much I love being by the water!

After that I moved back to my home town of Morwell where I worked at the local pub as a chef before being offered Head Chef at the same venue, where I stayed for 4yrs.
Fast forward to now… Head Chef at the Paynesville Pub… Yep back by the water!

Being able to attend Adriano Zumbo’ Masterclass in 2016 and being able to meet such a talented Pastry Chef is probably by far the best experience of my career so far, followed closely by my brief meet with Gordon Ramsay!