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That's a Wrap!

2018 Wrap Up Clip

Over the course of a summer's day in Morwell four of our region's best chefs battled it out for the ultimate in Gippsland food supremacy. People came from across Victoria to witness the spectacular talents of our local foodies, to indulge in the smells, sounds and tastes of our finest produce, and to take part in telling a new story for the Latrobe Valley. 

With your help this story will continue to be told into the future.
Keep exploring this page to find out how!

Why does local food matter?

What's so great about Gippsland food?

What brought you to Get Cheffed?

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What Next?

Here are some ways you can get behind future Get Cheffed events


Partner with us

Contribute to next year's Get Cheffed event.
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Get Cheffed Cookbook

Get involved in a new project.
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2018 Photo Reel

Get Cheffed 2018


Special thanks to Bank Australia and Gippslandia, Get Cheffed media partners for 2018.

Photos by Gippslandia, Petite Visuals and Kim Keltie Photography

Video by Gippslandia and Petite Visuals


Extra Special thanks to all of the incredible volunteers
who made the event run smoothly and look so fantastic for all of the cameras!

We couldn't have pulled this off without you.

In The Media

Iron Chefs Assemble

Latrobe Valley Express




Support Us

Together the community crowdfunded over $7000 to bring this event to the Latrobe Valley in 2018, along with the generous support of our event partners.

We are currently seeking Get Cheffed event partners for the 2019.
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The People

Some of Gippsand's best chefs and foodies will be here to raise the bar.

Learn more about the line up.

Our Partners


Our Sponsors


Major Crowdfunding Contributors

Kindred Spirits Foundation
Rhonda Renwick
Elizabeth Maskiell | Raw Harvest
Maree McPherson
Jaci Hicken | Jacican



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Get Cheffed is a ReActivate Latrobe Valley event, and is brought to you as part of the
Get Stuffed Food Network. Through Get Stuffed we aim to bring good food, good health and local jobs to the Latrobe Valley community.

Get Cheffed will feature in the program for the National Sustainable Living Festival of 2018