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We're always on the lookout for stories that expose some of the great things happening in our region and beyond.  

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Your story must fit into one of the following categories and be accompanied by at least one high resolution image:

Food Systems: all things food from the local region an beyond

We want to tell interesting stories about anything related to our local food system, including local food businesses and events, local growers and producers.

New Economies: diverse futures for our local economy - what could we do differently

We want to show readers how other places are adapting their economies to change, and how these innovations could be applied to our region.

Innovative Ideas + Research: ideas that make you think, and the knowledge to back them up

We want to tap into the most interesting ideas and thorough, insightful research which gives us new ways of thinking about how our community might adapt to the future.

Creative Spaces: using spaces in new ways to fit changing needs

We want to explore the ways our existing buildings and spaces can become vibrant places, by taking cues from things that are already happening here and abroad.

Launchpad: inspiration, skills and tools to help your local business thrive

We want to equip our local people with the know-how and ideas they need to set themselves up for local small business success.

Local Leaders: people in our backyard who are leading the charge to an optimistic local future

We want to shine a light on local personalities who are doing things differently, and are living examples of the optimism that we need in our community going forward.